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Week 3 discussion

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Week 3 discussion
by Katherine Rea - Saturday, 23 March 2019, 7:06 PM

1.  Throughout the novel the importance of the tribe's traditions and roles that each person plays.  The traditions and roles often dictate certain outcomes like how men can have more than one wife, he is allowed to abuse them, and he can also be "given" another child from another member of the tribe.  The traditions also dictate situations like murdering a child and sacrificing them to the gods to please them.  The African tribes take their religious beliefs very seriously and there are consequences once the white man arrives and tries to convert the tribe to Christianity.  

2.  Okonkwo is the main character and to some he is considered a hero.  For the novel I think that Okonkwo fits the definition of a tragic hero because he falls short to his own flaws.  He was not an evil man and he had good intentions.  Unfortunately his anger towards his own father and son along with his intense sense of pride prevents him from coming to an agreement with his tribe and the white man.  He ends up battling demons within himself and ends up failing is own people.  

3.  The colonization of the tribe has proven to be hurtful towards them simply because their religious beliefs have been destroyed.  White man (Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith)  arrived and told them that their beliefs were wrong and that there is only one God.  This was upsetting to many and some turned rebellious.  Overall the colonization can be viewed as a positive instead of a negative.  The tribes were given more opportunities and channels to make a profit and to grow together.  Colonization also helped remove the violence of that plagued their traditions.  

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Re: Week 3 discussion
by Christina Baker - Sunday, 24 March 2019, 12:01 PM

Wonderful insight shared Katherine. I love reading about ethnic stories too, especially when it pertains to Christianity and peace. thank you for your hard work. Thanks, Ms Baker