3 Credit Assignment

1)      Three credit Assignment. If you are taking this class for three hours you are assigned to complete a Bible research paper on one of the following topics:


-          What is the Purpose of the Church according to Ephesians?

-          What is God’s Vision for Humanity according to Romans?

-          How does Christ Overcome Evil according to Revelation?

-          What is the Biblical Perspective toward an Ethical Issue of your choice?

This paper should be typed and double-spaced.  Plan to do your own research.  Your primary source should be the Bible, and you should base your answers to the question you are studying upon your own study of the Bible.  Use Bible reference books as needed, and cite quotations in the body of the paper, and all sources used in the Bibliography.  Your paper should be at least six pages long.  It is worth 100 points, and is due Thurs./Fri. Apr. 4/5. Post this assignment on Moodle, week 12.