"A Life that Makes Sense"

1)      Major Writing Assignment: “A Life that Makes Sense.”—The major writing assignment for this course is an essay in which you describe your approach to life.  In this essay describe your worldview and your way of making decisions, or your ethics.  Use the language and resources used in class discussion to describe yourself.  Follow this outline, and answer the questions in the order given:


“What is …


My Worldview?”  Describe what you believe to be true about God, the world, and your ultimate destiny.


My Ethics?” Now describe and illustrate your approach to decision making, how you know right from wrong.  Include the principles you appeal to, and an illustration to explain how you make ethical decisions.


My Vision?” Finally, explain your ideal of a good life, one that is successful and fulfilling, or life lived as it ought to be lived.


This essay should be at least 7 pages long, will be worth 100 points, and is due Thurs./Fri. Apr. 11/12.  Post the assignment on Moodle, week 13.