3 Credit Assignment

1)      Three Credit paper (BIB 133). The three-credit paper for this course is a research paper in which you explore the significance of one important person or event for the historical development of the early church.  Think about the history of the early church as we survey it in this course.  Identify one person or event that shaped the course of that history.  In the first section of your paper give a biographical sketch of your person, or describe the background and attendant circumstances of the event you have chosen.  Then, in the second section of your paper fully explain how and why this person or event shaped the history and development of the church in the first century.  You will need to consult secondary sources, such as Bible encyclopedias and dictionaries, and Bible histories and surveys. You may use the internet for part of your research, but most of your research needs to be done in books.  You need to use at least five book sources in your paper.  Cite your sources in the body of your paper, and list them on a bibliography (sources used) page at the end of your paper.  Your paper should be 8 pages long, typed and double-spaced.  It is worth 100 points, and is due Friday, Apr. 12.  Post this paper to Moodle, week 13.


Suggested topics for your paper.

People: Peter, John, Stephen, Paul, Women in the New Testament, Luke, Pontius Pilate.

Events: The Crucifixion of Jesus, The Martyrdom of Stephen, The Apostolic Council, The Destruction of the Temple, The Persecution of Nero.