New Testament Book Report

1)      Introduce a Book of the New Testament.  The major written assignment of this course is to write a paper in which you introduce one of the New Testament books that we will survey in this course.  First, select one book of the New Testament from Romans to Revelation.  Then, use at least three reference books or articles to find the important background information about your book that helps you to understand it.  In your paper answer the following questions in this order:

·         Who wrote this book?  Briefly explain what we know about the author.

·         To whom did they write this book?  Identify as fully as possible the audience of the book.  Include all the relevant facts that you can find that help us to know the original recipients of the book you have chosen.

·         When was this book written?  Discuss what we know about the date of your book, including all major theories that scholars hold and the reasons for them.

·         Why did the author write this book?  Read the book carefully (several times), and study reference books to determine what problems, questions or needs the author was responding to when he wrote. 

·         What is taught in this book?  Now give an outline of the major teachings of this book.

What is the message of this book for the church in our time?  Discuss how the church in our time should apply the things taught in this book. This paper should be at least 7 pages long, is worth 100 points, and is due Friday, Apr. 5.  Post this paper on Moodle, week 12.