Topic outline

  • Topical Integration Papers

    The purpose of these assignments is to demonstrate an understanding of how Christianity and Psychology contribute to providing answers to the issues that all people face in today's world. Chosen topics should mirror information that was gleaned from previous coursework in Psychology. 

     Each paper should be 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced, and adhere to the APA style of writing with appropriate citations, professional wording, and reference list. At least one bible reference and one peer-reviewed paper must be cited in each assignment.

    For each paper, choose a topic within the designated field of psychology. Identify a peer-reviewed or otherwise professional publication which addresses some facet of the chosen topic, and summarize the findings. Then, identify a biblical text which addresses the same issue. Based on your readings, how do science/society/the world and religion approach the same topic? Do they come to the same conclusions or different ones? Why or why not? What are your suggestions for how psychology and Christianity can coexist on this topic?

     Challenge yourself to consider topics that are not mainstreamed. Topics must be selected from the designated field of psychology for each assignment, which are as follows:

         TIP 1: Developmental Psychology (Due 2.21.19)

         TIP 2: Counseling/Abnormal Psychology (Due 3.5.19)

         TIP 3: Social Psychology (Due 3.21.19)

         TIP 4: Biological Psychology/Neuroscience (Due 4.2.19)

  • Personal Integration assignments

    The purpose of these assignments is to help you develop your personal sense of the integration of psychology and Christianity.

  • Spirituality Interviews

    This will be both a collaborative as well as an individual activity.  As a class, we will generate a series of appropriate interview questions.  Following the creation and revision process, students will be expected to conduct two interviews using the selected questions to provide guidance for the interview process.  Additional clarification questions may be used.  

    One interview should be with a person in late adolescence to emerging adulthood, while the other should be with a person living in middle to late adulthood.  Interviews will focus on issues surrounding how Christianity has affected the individual in areas related to psychology such as change, coping, forgiveness, human rights, lifestyle choices and general happiness. 

    Please inform each of your subjects if you are recording their responses and let them know how you intend to maintain the privacy of their responses.

    Keeping in mind that each interview will take a slightly different approach, the format of this assignment should be as follows:

    Your name
    The initials of the person you're interviewing, as well as their age and how you know them
    The interview questions as well as their responses (do not have to be verbatim, a summary of their response is appropriate)
    A closing paragraph summing up what you learned from this person's responses, as well as things they said that tied back to any of the course materials from any class.

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