Topic outline

  • Boundaries Assignments

    After reading the chapters assigned you will need to complete three points of discussion (per assigned reading, not per chapter). These can be summaries of what you thought was important, quotes that stood out to you, deeper points of critical thinking, or applications.  It is expected that these are completed and submitted via moodle prior to the class period when they are due. APA citations are a must.  It is advised that you bring them to class with you as well, or that you can pull them up on a phone or device to refer back to for discussion purposes.  Anything submitted after class has begun will not be accepted.

  • Self Reflection Paper

    Arguably, one of the most important and impactful elements of therapy is the relationship cultivated between the client and therapist. This assignment requires the student to examine her/his/their social location (e.g. Race/ethnicity, spirituality, age, sexual orientation, gender, etc.) and the ways in which these intersections may inform the ability to form a therapeutic connection. Students will be asked to explore her/his/their lived experience as it relates to biases, privileges, and oppression. This is a three to four page paper asking you to define in some ways your family of origin and what experiences have shaped who you are. A loose format might be: -Worldview: Life circumstances you were born into as described above. Comment on position of power and privilege, or other context of social justice impacting you and your family of origin. -Philosophy of life: How you perceived your experiences and made sense of life which then developed into how you choose to see your world and live your life. -Helping Others: How your philosophies inform your work with others. Reflect on issues of social justice and awareness of diversity. -Summarized by a reflection on how you want to grow and where you want to expand your professional growth as a counselor.

  • Self Care Assignment

    One of the largest issues facing today‚Äôs counseling field is burnout.  Some of this can be due to improper boundaries and some of it is due to the stressful nature of the profession. Your assignment is to take 4 hours to promote your own self care. This may be done at one time or split up through the semester.  You will keep a log of what activities you did and you will write a brief description of how these activities prevent burnout. In your description you will also detail how you felt at the start of the self care activity as well as how you felt after.  You will be expected to answer the question: Why is self care so difficult for so many in the helping professions?

    Some examples of positive self care are:  

    Take some time to go through your social media accounts and unfollow/delete/unfriend/mute the accounts that make you feel bad about yourself, your life choices or what stage you are at in life. 

    Journal/write about what has happened in your life recently. 

    Do a "screenless Saturday" and spend a Saturday with no technology.  Get outside, read a book, play a game with friends, go to another city to explore. Do it all with no "screens". 

    Call an old friend to meet for coffee/dinner/breakfast etc. Spend time really listening to that person without taking out your phone. 

    Workout/exercise.  ***Workouts you do with your athletic team do not count. 

    Practice a hobby.  Find something to do that you love that has nothing to do with your major area of study. 

    ***Things that will absolutely NOT be considered self care: Shopping, binge eating, watching tv/playing video games, any kind of recreational drugs or alcohol consumption.