Topic outline

  • Chapter questions

    Using the textbook and lecture notes, please answer the questions for each of the following chapters. We will not be covering Chapter 9. Feel free to work ahead. See the syllabus for my late homework policy.

    Due dates for Chapter questions:

    Chapters 1-4: January 23 by 5 pm

    Chapters 5-8:  February 1, by 5 pm

    Chapters 10-13:  February 11, by 5 pm

  • Primary Source Writings

    Your introduction into the world of peer review and academic writing. The selected articles represent famous experiments or prominent psychologists and contributors to this discipline. You are responsible for choosing 3 of these articles to read (referenced below, so that these may directly contribute to your APA style paper). Each assignment is worth 50 points. 

  • Guest Speaker Summaries

    These are always due the next class meeting after a guest speaker or field trip. 

    Following each presentation, you will turn in a 500-word summary and reflection of the guest speaker's presentation. For full credit, each summary should include the following:

    -Guest Speaker's name and their occupation within Psychology

    -Describe, in your own words, a summary of the individual's presentation. What do they do for a living? How did they come to do this particular job? Do they credit a particular mentor or event? What is their educational / training background for this occupation?

    -Were you aware that their occupation was an option within Psychology?

    -Does the career path described by this individual seem like something you would like to pursue? Why or why not?

    -What other information would you like to know from this individual regarding their job and training?

    -Anything else you found interesting, noteworthy, or inspiring about their presentation.


    1. Amy Winter, DHHS (Aging Protective Services), April 1


    3. Greta Shanahan, Better Living Counseling, April 10

    4. Tammy Coffey, Mosaic, April 15

    5. Kim Tandy, music therapist, April 17

    6. Jordan Ford, Council Bluffs School District, April 22

  • APA literature review

    Students will complete a 4-6 page (excluding title page and references) research paper using APA style writing. The topic of this paper will be related to the contributions of major historical figures in this discipline.

    Your paper will identify and explain the factors (e.g., events, people, and theories) that have influenced, are influencing, and will continue to influence this area of emphasis and will clearly demonstrate the connections between these factors and these historical stages.


    See the document attached in Moodle for specific instructions about the contents of the paper.


    Due dates:

    Annotated Bibliography due April 1  (50 points): List 5-7 potential references, in APA format, and give 3-4 bullet points below each citation listing the important points from each source. This may include the articles you used for the PSWs.

    APA outline and first pass (50 points) due April 12: Sections, paragraphs, and in-text citations should be as complete as possible. Do not consider this a "draft" so much as a first attempt. The more you do here, the more meaningful feedback you will get toward your final paper. Particularly useful so that I can make sure you are doing it correctly.

    Final APA paper (100 points) due April 19. See rubric in Moodle for grading criteria. Must include 4-6 references, at least half of which must be scholarly or peer-reviewed.

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