Topic outline

  • General

  • Week 1

    Intro to Capstone requirements.  Introduce BSG website. Start Resume discussion and assignment.



    • Week 2

      First copy of your Resume is due on Monday.  Team will be divided up this week along with your ID codes necessary for online login.  You will divide into your teams for first meeting as co-managers and start working out your communication process as a team.  More work towards a resume/job website and more players guide information this week.

    • Week 3

      First Practice Round and Chapter 1 and 2 Exercises due this week.... First Team meeting with your "Consultant" on Friday.... Starting at 12:30 with one team every 15 minutes....assigned time on Wed. of Production Job Costing to help with COGM analysis.

      • Topic 4

        Player's Guide Quiz is available.  Final practice Round and Team meetings with "consultant" are required.

        • Topic 5

          Quiz 1 was due by Sunday night.  First "Live" round starts with decisions this week.  Monday class will answer any questions on live decisions.  First year review and discussion Wed with meeting in Teams moved to Wed as BB starts causing issues for Friday Class.  Friday will be an Industry overview with analysis for all teams in class.

        • Week 6

          Year 2 decisions and results this week.  Warning on upcoming dates for Peer reviews and Quiz 2

          Begin discussion on Individual Income Tax 1040 awareness...w4; w2; tax tables; tax liability; etc

          • Topic 7

            Continued Simulation Game live consulting meetings....changing strategies.

            Reminder of Quiz and Peer reviews coming up.

            • Week 8 and 9

              Quiz #2 due this week and first Peer Review is due.  Continued Team consulting meeting with evaluation of current year financials and market positions.

            • Week 10

              Team meeting with me to catch up where you are after Spring Break.  Wednesday meeting with me I will want specifics on what you attempted with your strategies. We will be assigning individual meetings to go over your job search accounts.

              • Topic 10