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  • General

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  • Jan 7-19 Chapter one: Savings

    Go over syllabus and handout Foundations workbook that will be utilized for the first 8 weeks.  

    • Topic 2

      Workbook pages for session 1 on  Chapter one -Savings. Use your card to sign in and watch the videos related to this session.  Due Saturday,19.  Discuss on savings session this week.  

    • Topic 3- Chapter 2 : Budgets

      Jan 21..Foundation Workbook chapter 2, do the book exercises, review and summary the chapter one paragraph.

      Choose one of the three cases studies( specify it)  page 53 and answer the questions 

    • Topic 4- Chapter 3 - Debt

      Feb 02- Chapter 3 Debt - Summarize : one paragraph 

      .. Case study Yvonne and Student Loan Debt - Page 73- answer the questions

    • Topic 5-Chapter 4: College Student Essentials

      Feb 09...Case studies Ch 4 of Foundation's workbook and class discussion DISC test

      ...  FICO discussion- Please write a summary: one paragraph 

    • Topic 6-Chapter 5- Family, Friends and Philanthropy

      Feb 16...  Chapter 5 in your Foundations Workbook and Case Study "Mario and Aaliyah's Future" page 109, please answer the questions

      ...  Finish Workbook exercises and summary your thoughts in one paragraph about the chapter.

    • Topic 7- Investments & Taxes

      Feb 23  Intro to Investments Savings, CD's, MM, Stocks, Mutual Funds, and more

      ... Final Investments Introduction...International stock, small, mid, and large cap Mutual Funds

      ...  Intro to Taxes 1040 and 1040EZ

      Watch the videos :

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      !- Please list  5 points why investment is a great challenge and comment them..

    • Topic 8- Retirement and Saving Plans

      Feb 28..  Introduction to Retirement and Savings Plans:  Trad IRA; Roth IRA; SEPP; 401k: 403b; 457; pretax contributions

      ... Insurance and your finances.

      ...Banking and the money supply.

      watch the video:

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      1- What type of saving plans is better for your retirement? why?

    • Final

      Feb 28... Final Class Review

      .. Reflective Paper Appointments